What Sets Us Apart

Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Education

What You Can Expect Working with Attorney John Espinosa

John Espinosa, Esq. helps entrepreneurs do business right by providing convenient access to high-quality legal advice and services – all without the need to go into an office – because we use a virtual law practice model. For your convenience, John’s work is done both over the phone and through Clio Connect – our secure client portal – where we will share documents and communicate securely once you become a client. In-person meetings are not available. We bridge the practice of law with convenience, creating an innovative way to practice business law that puts entrepreneurs like you at the center!

We use a fixed fee flat rate model where you pay up front for the legal advice and services that you need now. There is never any retainer or hidden fees, because your detailed invoice describes the scope of the work you are paying for up front each time.

John Espinosa, Esq. Does:

  • Advise you on how to do business right and avoid legal issues before they happen.
  • Empower you through education to understand how the law affects your business, and know when to consult an attorney.
  • Conduct business over the phone and through our secure client portal, for your convenience.

John Espinosa, Esq. Does Not:

  • Represent you in court.
  • Hold client funds (no retainers or holding funds in escrow).
  • Conduct business in person.

Education First!

As a college professor, John was inspired by their students, who were budding entrepreneurs. John loved teaching them and guiding them on their journey, and John wanted to take that passion and apply it to real life. Therefore, in practice, John takes an educational approach to the legal matters clients are facing. John helps entrepreneurs think through legal issues to better inform their current and future business decisions. John will help you understand the legal matters in front of you before you make important decisions. John encourages empowerment and independence through education. When you understand the legal aspects of the decisions you make now, you will be better equipped to face the decisions you will have to make in the future.

John’s education-based approach to clients’ cases keeps both power and responsibility in YOUR control. You will always be an active participant in your own matters. You will always be treated like the entrepreneur that you are. John’s clients value John by paying up front, and John values you by giving you full attention for the scope of services outlined on your invoice.

In John’s own words: “I don’t do things for my clients; I do things with my clients as their strategic partner.” Obstacles CAN be overcome, and starting a business is only the beginning of your journey.

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